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Special Indirect Cooling Type

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  • Materialsus
  • Size500 * 780 * 850 mm
  • Weight85 mg
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T

[Masang Machinery Co., ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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As a matter of fact, the Super Tornado technology should be applied for the Auto Master with the mold (which’s using temperature under 100℃) , but  in case of using temp. above 100℃ in the mold, we’re strongly suggesting you to choose the Special Indirect Cooling system with our Auto Master.

If cooling water’s quality is not clean enough, much scales in the cooling water will be gathered, which

surely cause the delay of the speed of heat exchanging in the mold and huge maintenance cost in your  molds. That’s why we’ve designed and developed our own new method, that is, we separate the cooling water by our device ( heat exchanger )  1. running into the mold 2. controlling of the temperature In the first water ( 1. running into the mold) the water is passed into a device of Ion filter for eliminating of Ca+ , MG+, in the water to prevent any scales in the mold and then flown into mold without any scales,(Patent No. : 10-2015-0010356)


1.Accurate Controlling device for injection molding
2.Precise controlling available even in  high temperature 160℃ ~ 100℃
3.It’s main benefit is the high efficiency of heat exchange and uniform temperature distribution

          as it’s  no scale -Upgraded product quality & improved  productivity

4.  Low failure Rate in the parts such as Heater, Mechanical seal in pump &   

    Solenoid valve-Improved utilization capacity & Reduced  Device failure rate  

5, For no back-load,  vigorous  Turbulence occuring (Re 6,000 ~  18,000).                                     

    -  For faster cooling speed, much improvement of  quality & productivity



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Special Indirect Cooling Type

Special Indirect Cooling Type

Special Indirect Cooling Type

Special Indirect Cooling Type